Top Rated OBGYN Providers in Miramar, FL

Beyond offering a full range of obstetrics and gynecologic services, we manage high-risk obstetric challenges and perform complex gynecologic procedures, working with our highly skilled network of seasoned colleagues in all major medical specialties. Our goal is to offer patient-centered, culturally sensitive medical care, based on mutual trust, respect, and communication. We listen to our patients.

*Availability limited by illness, vacation, continuing medical education or emergencies. Colleague will be assigned to deliver.

All patients are assured that all office visits, surgeries, and deliveries will be performed by the same physician.*

Our Staff

Highly efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable, multi-lingual well trained support staff.

Operating Equipment

Electronic Medical Record system. State-of-the-art in office and in-hospital diagnostic and surgical devices.


2,500 sq. ft. office space, on the second floor of a 3 story 34,000 sq. ft. “Class A”, newly constructed Professional Center. With well lit, camera monitored, generous parking, and handicapped accessible secured entrances.

Hospital Affiliations

We are affiliated with the following hospitals:

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The Crucial Role of Annual Gynecology Check-ups in Women’s Health

Taking care of our health is of paramount importance, and one area that often deserves special attention is women’s health. Annual gynecology check-ups play a crucial role in monitoring and maintaining women’s well-being.


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